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Description Is this a tablet-sized phone, or a phone-sized tablet? No matter what you want to call it, you will receive the attention you want. Be envied for having the biggest screen that will ever be fitted on a phone. Connect the Nile Phone XXL with the Nile Phone XXL Keyboard screen cover and you will have the first ever laptop smartphone.
Features & details Manufacturer: Nile Language: English

Customers reviews

10 reviews 4.0 out of 5
Most helpful reviews This is genius. This is the direction that I would have taken with Apple if I was still alive. I was going to milk people for all their money before getting to XXL sizes by releasing Ipads and Iphones increasing their size by 1cm increments month by month.
LOL you Nile fans would buy anything Nile makes. Do you people have to wear JNCOs to carry these phones around? Us PC guys are already using Holograph screens and all we need to carry around is a tiny keyboard.
OMG I LOVE THIS PHONE! It fits perfectly in my bag. I don't recommend taking selfies while driving because the screen is so big that it blocks your view of all the inconsiderate drivers in front of you. Why can't they make the screen see-through like those new Windows Phones?