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nile phone mini

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Description Do you need to carry more touchscreens? Tired of the tedious process of taking out your Nile Phone XXL every time you want to use it? The Nile Phone Mini is the solution to all of your first-world problems. It is a phone for your phone. Wear it on your wrist and make phone calls, text your friends, or watch a movie.
Features & details Manufacturer: Nile Language: English

Customers reviews

10 reviews 4.0 out of 5
Most helpful reviews OMGGG! This is what I've been waiting for! Now I can take selfies while driving without blocking my view of the road. People need to buy this to eliminate distractions while driving. It's really dangerous!
The screen is way too small. The screen on my Nile Phone XXL is too big. I find myself switching between both phones all day long. I wish there was a medium-sized phone.
I bought the $15000 gold plated version and I am not too excited about having it. First, it's not even that useful. I find myself just taking out my phone and skipping the extra step of using this thing. I am getting tired of having to announce to everyone in the room wherever I go that I am wearing the gold plated version costing $15000. For 15 grand, there should have been a feature that locates you via GPS, and alerts waiters, doormen, and other servicemen to announce it for you when you enter.